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A&G Landscaping aims to exceed your landscaping design expectations. Our team provides a foundation for which nature and artistic/creative design can thrive together in an elegant and aesthetic manner. A quality landscape begins with a good design. Our company has the ability to enhance your landscape with unique accents like custom designed paths, walls, patios, decks, pergolas, and water elements.

Landscape Maintenance

Proper maintenance is critical to the overall health and well being of your landscape. A healthy lawn and landscape requires proper fertilization, trimming, and watering on a consistent basis in order to flourish. Your landscape is an investment that creates visual appeal and adds equity to your home. We have the staff, the proper equipment, and the knowledge to care for your landscape making sure that it maintains its value for years to come.

Installation Services

A&G Landscaping provides full service to our customers. Our team provides installations services custom to your personal needs. We offer new lawn/full property installation, lawn fertilization, and lawn renovation We install new lawns from spring through mid fall, and other aspects of construction and design through winter.

Services include (but are not limited to):

● Mowing – Commercial and residential lawn mowing services. We offer these services on an as-needed basis, or for season-long contracts. Our mowing services include single-family residences, condominium communities, apartment communities and office complexes. We provide bush-hogging for those unique mowing situations that require heavier equipment.
● Clean ups – Seasonal clean-ups are designed to take care of planting beds and overall yard maintenance, with attention to the appropriate seasonal practices. For example, in the spring, pruning, herbicide and mulching are important. In the fall, leaf removal and fertilization are appropriate.
● Flowers – A&G designs and installs flower bed plantings, utilizing selection of bulbs, perennials,trees, and annuals throughout the growing season. We can assist you in choosing the flower varieties and colors that will enhance your outdoor spaces. If your flowers just need fertilizing or clean-up, we can do that too.


● Pruning – Controls the size and shape of your plants, which improves the aesthetics of your property as well as maintain overall plant health and regeneration.
● Defining bed lines – Enhances overall appearance of your lawn and garden borders with proper edge cutting.
● Weeding and weed control – Removes existing weeds at their roots, and includes the use of herbicide or other weed prevention materials.
● Fertilizing – Provides nutrients to support healthy plant growth, and is equally important for lawn growth as water and sunlight. It is also environmentally friendly as it uses natural chemicals and vitamins.
● Mulching – Provides a finished, professional appearance to the landscape. Mulching also retains soil moisture by preventing the sun from baking soil surfaces, prevents wind from drying and eroding soil surfaces, allows water to penetrate soil reducing runoff, and prevents some weed seeds from germinating. Mulch is also used in insect and disease control by covering areas where they would infest.

No matter how well designed and easy to maintain the landscape is, there is always an irreducible minimum of pruning, fertilizing and primping to do in the yard. Helping our commercial and residential customers enhance their landscape is a vital part of our services. A&G offers comprehensive estimates for any landscape maintenance work. A&G can estimate your yard work after an on-site visit with you, or on our own if you are not available. Whenever possible, it is a good idea to walk the property with us to discuss the work to be done in detail.

Tree Services

If you have a special tree that can not remain in its present location, we can usually move it either by machine or hand digging. We provide free estimates for all tree moving projects. A&G Landscape Masonry Inc. will give free estimates and honest professional advice as to whether it is cost effective or possible to relocate your tree.

● Pruning – Selective, corrective or extensive pruning will beautify trees and allow for healthier growth and development.
● Mulching – Using a shredded hard and soft wood bark cover under the base of trees creates a finished look while providing root and trunk protection. Mulching increases water retention and moderates soil temperatures (warmer in winter, cooler in summer) which foster healthier plants.
Winter Protection – From winter guard sprays to trunk guards, there are variety
● Tree removal – For aesthetic purposes or for safety reasons.
● Cabling/Bracing – Used to prevent potential structural failure due to ice, wind or other elements.

● Insect and Disease Evaluation – We are experienced in plantlife damage and can properly manage issues and proactively accommodate them.
● Tree Transplanting – A&G Landscaping moves trees (if possible to live after a transplant) from place to place using several mechanical digging and transporting machines. We also offer hand digging for the trees that may not be accessible otherwise.
● Storm damage clean-up – Offering 24 hour emergency service for catastrophic storm damage.
● Stump removal – Whether left for years or from a recent take down, grinding or digging out stumps, will provide an opportunity for grass or new trees.


Fall Cleanup

Hardscaping, like landscaping, is an art form that requires expert design, engineering, and construction. We have all three. Our team has experience with the construction, equipment, and know how necessary to produce quality hardscaping your customers will love.

Our team works promptly and efficiently to create attractive outdoor areas that are both functional and professional. Walkways, patios, stairs, fire pits, you name it, our team will design and assemble it while simultaneously incorporating your thoughts and wishes.

As the leaves change colors and the air gets crisper, your property will need special attention. Fall clean-up ensures that your shrubs are pruned and ready for the bitter cold winter months. Additionally your landscape beds are cleaned and fallen leaves are removed, preventing mold and fungus from growing.
If you need fall cleanup services we have you covered. We’ll review your landscaping needs and provide a proper recommendation on the ideal services to keep your property looking its best all year long.

Types of Hardscaping Elements

When we handle an end-to-end landscaping project, one of the first things that come into the picture is the hardscaping. These are essentially the elements made using concrete, pavers, bricks, stone, etc. This includes features such as:

● Retaining walls – There are times when the land on your property doesn’t have the right grading or it may have steep slopes. This can make for a very interesting landscape flow. If you want a driveway, pathway, outdoor kitchen or any other feature installed there, these slopes will have to be maneuvered and leveled. Here we will use concrete interlocking blocks, natural brick, or stone to provide support to the excavated slope.
● Driveways and walkways – We can design and build the kind of driveways and walks and paths you want, using brick, natural stone or concrete paving stones. If your driveway is uneven, withering, or simply an eye sore we will design a driveway and walkway fit to your needs.
● Brick paver patios – Many of our customers like to install patios on their property. A great patio can be a useful addition to your home, and even add equity to your property. We design and install the kind of patios you want and can pave them with brick pavers or any other paving stones you like.

A&G Landscaping provides the following fall clean-up services for its commercial and residential clients:

● Shrub Pruning – When you have shrubs around your home and in your landscaping, it is important to provide them with winter protection to ensure that they are not damaged over the cold winter months.
Shrub pruning will assure that proper methods are used and provide you with beautiful shrubs in the spring.
● Bed Cleaning – Flower beds and landscape beds are beautiful and easy to maintain in the summer months.
However in the fall, leaves from trees nearby or within the bed drop. When cooler weather arrives and rainy days increase, it can cause mold which can damage your mulch, plants and sometimes stir up your allergies.
Bed cleaning also allows snow from winter months to land directly on the beds which will provide a direct water source on warm spring days. Through this your spring flowers will receive much of the water and nutrients they need to grow beautifully.
● Leaf Removal – Leaf removal can be a large task for property owners. Leaves fall from trees located on your property, as well as adjacent properties. While leaf blowers are an option, disposing of those collected leaves can be problematic. The leaf removal service we offer takes the hassle out of leaf collection and removal from commercial and residential properties

Snow Removal

Custom Benches

During the rough winter season, our mission is to maintain safe winter environments for our customers by providing responsive, efficient, and reliable snow removal and ice control services. A&G provides exceptional services during the winter which includes snow plowing, shoveling, snow blowing, and ice removal.

A custom stone bench adds a beautiful final touch to any landscape design. All shapes, sizes, and textures are available to meet your specific criteria! We offer a wide variety of company made benches to those interested in a elegant addition to there home or property to have for years to come.

Call us today to make arrangements for us to visit your site and give you a quote.

While every project is different, we offer very competitive pricing for services.